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Courses and education that provide you with fresh career nourishment and equip companies, organisations, or individuals like yourself with tools to advance your professional journey.

The focal point is that as a participant, you should be able to apply your new knowledge in your everyday life.

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Ønsker du at tilmelde dig et kursus eller en uddannelse som enkelt person, kan du finde vores udvalg på Syndicate U.

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Online courses

Courses you can take at your own pace on your computer, whenever and wherever it suits you.

Agile Leader Online

Learn how to assemble great cross-functional teams, motivate them with the right vision and goals, and build the ideal eco-system that makes them perform to the utmost of their ability.

Agile Online

Learn all the basics, and more, with this course about agile. Agile Online helps you change how you work by understanding the agile mindset enabling you to solve complex problems.

Facilitator Online

Become a world-class facilitator when you have learned all the tools, tips, and tricks necessary to facilitate any meeting or workshop.

Graphic Facilitator Online

Become a Graphic Facilitator and supercharge your creativity. Learn how to use visual tools and create valuable meetings, workshops, and improved collaboration.

Kanban Online

Everything you need to know to start using Kanban right away. Learn how to visualize your work with Kanban boards, how to deal with bottlenecks, and get things done by limiting your work in progress.

Product Discovery Online

A thorough course in Product Discovery, that teaches the mindset and provides the toolbox you need to create more and better digital products.

Product Owner Online

As a Product Owner, you play an essential role in the success of a product, and the creation of value for customers. Learn everything - from the fundamentals to advanced topics like forecasting and release strategies.

PSPO I certification

Scrum Master Online

Take a deep dive into the role of Scrum Master. This in-depth online course explores, among other things, topics like coaching, team dynamics, and facilitation.

PSM I certification

Scrum Online

Take a deep dive into the role of Scrum Master. This in-depth online course explores, among other things, topics like coaching, team dynamics, and facilitation.

Open courses and education

Join participants from different companies for deeper understanding and to strengthen your network.

Private courses and education

Company-specific courses and training programs where the content is tailored to each individual company's needs - and can be conducted at your premises or online from our professional TV studio.

Product Leadership in Practice

You have the foundation sorted out, and now you want to take it a step further and take your Product Leadership skills to the next level.

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We have done it many times before e.g. with Norlys

The energy company Norlys is on a journey towards becoming more agile - and we're helping them get there. We have provided them with a tailored program that includes both training for their employees and a couple of our most skilled consultants to assist them in getting started 'in the field'.

The video has English subtitles.

Product Leadership

Product Owner

Som Product Owners spiller I en essentiel rolle i Scrum Teamet. På dette Product Owner certificerings-kursus lærer I, hvordan I arbejder med at skabe kontinuerlig værdi til brugere og kunder.

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Agile Leadership

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Agile Onboarding

Agile Onboarding er et helt nyt online undervisningskoncept, der er under udvikling. I er velkomne til at kontakte os for mere information.

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