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Streaming knowledge
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Agile Onboarding is an easy and flexible way to train and educate your company's new and existing employees at a favorable price. Train all or some of your employees directly from the office.

Flipped learning

If you want targeted courses with higher learning retention, we also offer courses using flipped learning. We combine online teaching paired with tailored workshops held at your offices, where newly acquired knowledge can be applied in its intended context.

Benefits with Agile Onboarding

The option to scale continuing education and courses at an enterprise level, enabling you to train far more employees at a substantially cheaper price than with physical courses

Continuously updated online courses of the highest quality that employees can watch again and again; when and where it fits into the workday

The possibility to combine online courses with tailored physical courses and workshops for optimal learning

No administrative headaches. We handle licenses at your request.

Continuous training of employees – e.g. in case of new hires or internal job changes


You can choose from a range of online courses that improve your organization, aiding your processes in becoming more engaging and efficient.

The course catalog will continuously grow with new courses in Danish and English.

Paths for different roles

The clever part about Agile Onboarding is the ability to pick the exact courses for each role at your organization. We've created a few roles below with recommended courses in each.

The course catalog is broad and suits most profiles in the product-driven organisation.

An example of relevant courses for a leader

An example of relevant courses for a Scrum Master

An example of relevant courses for a Product Owner

An example of relevant courses for a developer

Price per license

You can freely choose between all the available courses when creating a license for an employee. A license consists of access to two, three, or all the courses. The more licenses acquired, the lower the cost.

A license is valid for an employee for a year. All prices are VAT excluded.



2 courses

4.750 DKK

3 courses

5.900 DKK

all courses

8.350 DKK



2 courses

4.035 DKK

3 courses

5.015 DKK

all courses

7.098 DKK



2 courses

3.560 DKK

3 courses

4.425 DKK

all courses

6.262 DKK



2 courses

3.090 DKK

3 courses

3.835 DKK

all courses

5.427 DKK

Price example

See what you can save with Agile Onboarding. The example is created using three online courses for the Scrum Master role. All prices are VAT excluded.

Normal price

Amount of courses:


Graphic Facilitator Online

1.996 DKK

Facilitator Online

3.996 DKK

Scrum Master Online

6.840 DKK

12.832 DKK

x 20 courses


256.640 DKK

Agile Onboarding

Amount of licenses:


Price for 3 courses

5.900 DKK

Pick courses freely

A license is valid for a year

5.900 DKK

x 20 licenses


118.000 DKK

A license is valid for an employee 12 months from activation

If a license is renewed after a year, it can be transferred to another employee

The employee gains access to the amount of courses agreed in the total package certifications can be bought as an add-on and cost $200-$250 (depending on the certification)

Feedback from participants

GRAPHIC Facilitator Online

"Camilla's tuition is quite inspiring. Thank you for widening my understanding of how Graphic Facilitation can aid in externalizing new ideas."

Alexandra Janum-Szatkowski

UX Researcher

Facilitator Online

"Facilitator Online is a great and thorough course. It's taught me a lot about facilitating, which I can directly apply in my workday. It's a wonderful course."

Lena Thomsen Lind

Agile Coach

Scrum master Online

"I'm very happy to have been a part of Claus' Scrum Master course. The course offers fantastic training with quality knowledge and practical tips and tricks."

Boyu Zhang

Product Manager

SCRUM Online

“I started the online course Saturday morning. After spending a few hours a day, it is now Tuesday evening. I took the PSM-I assessment – and passed 😃 It is the most amazing feeling!”


Scrum Master


How long is a license valid?

The license is valid for one year and is personal. After one year it can be renewed – and transferred to someone else if desired.

Can the employee choose the courses themselves?

Yes, each employee can choose from the agreed courses across languages etc.

Who manages users/licenses?

Syndicate takes care of all the practicalities regarding administration (of course according to the wishes and conditions we agree to).

Can you be certified?

Yes, we can easily help with licenses for certifications (PSM I and PSPO I). However, the licenses are not included in the price.

Who teaches the online courses?

All instructors are experienced consultants and trainers at Syndicate; who practice what they teach daily, which ensures that satisfaction is top among course participants.

Do you get access to Syndicate's communities?

Yes, all course attendees can freely access and use Syndicate's live Q&As.

What is flipped leaning?

'Flipped learning' is a combination of online video and in-person teaching. Here, with our instructive online videos, you can get a handle on theory and concepts – and in more activating physical workshops/courses, we can concretize, exemplify and debate the new knowledge based on your situation and challenges.

Can you get customised content?

You can combine the general online courses with tailored workshops and courses that we develop specifically for you concerning your wishes and needs.

If you want special content for the online courses, e.g. a separate welcome video, we can also produce it at an agreed hourly rate.


Camilla Linnemann

Camilla is a passionate and experienced facilitator. She creates value through visual means and always inspires with new methods and techniques to engage and create motivation.

Claus Vagner Pedersen

Claus is passionate about developing people. Based on agile methodologies, Claus has since 2007 worked with teams, departments, and companies to create a focus on customers and value creation.

Foto af Katrine Hald Kjeldsen

Katrine Hald Kjeldsen

Katrine is an agile/lean coach helping companies on their agile journey. Since 2002, she has worked in a multitude of connecting roles based on knowledge sharing, communication, facilitation, teaching, and agile.

Martin Ibsen

Martin is an experienced lecturer who has years of experience creating successful digital products for both large and small companies. He specializes in Product Discovery, Agile development, Design Thinking, and UX design.

Ole Rich Henningsen

Ole is a passionate product developer specialising in agile values and principles. Over the past 16 years, he has worked with delivery and discovery practices and techniques with a large number of companies.

Peter Lindberg

Peter is a product developer with extensive experience in digital product development. Over the years, Peter has helped many of the country's larger companies to implement product management, product discovery, and product delivery practices.

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