Professional Agile Coach

Being an Agile Coach is a complex role that requires a solid foundation, intensive training, and precise feedback. These three elements lay the foundation for our Professional Agile Coach (PAC) course. The course provides you with the competencies and tools necessary for you to succeed as an Agile Coach in a professional context.

Price: 5,995 EUR ex. VAT.
Course length: 10 days

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“It’s been a well-rounded education as an Agile Coach”

Erik Værenstrøm
Certificeret Professionel Agile Coach

After the course, you will

  • Be able to apply all the knowledge needed to become a Certified Professional Agile Coach, but also be able to put it into practice

  • Know all the models and practices needed in an Agile Coach's career

  • Deliver qualified coaching to teams, leaders, and individuals

  • Facilitate in a professional context

Added benefits for you

After completing the course, you will also have the following benefits:

  • The option to participate in our mentorship program - as a mentee or a mentor

  • Membership to our professional online network of certified Professional Agile Coaches

  • The option to take the Professional Scrum Master II certification

  • Crediting of your certification in Danish

  • A unique Professional Agile Coach ”manual” containing all the models and practices that you have learned during the program.

Who is this course for?

To take this course you must:

  • Have at least one year of experience as a Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Agile Coach.

  • Have a certification from or Scrum Alliance - either as a Product Owner, Scrum Master or Scrum Developer.


Professional Agile Coach builds on years of practical experience, as well as a theoretical foundation, that among other things is based on Professional Business Facilitating (IAF), Training from the Back of the Room, Professional Coaching (ICF), NLP, Management 3.0, etc.

As a student, you can expect to be challenged throughout the entire program. You will undergo a personal development process that will help build ballast and confidence in your upcoming role as a Professional Agile Coach. Measured on these parameters, PAC is a unique program that you will not find anywhere else.

The education is structured around five modules:

Module 1

Modul 1. Sæt retning for dit produkt.
DAY 1, 2 & 3

The role of Agile Coach, Agile Leadership, Professional Coaching

Here we outline your role as an Agile Coach and clarify what an Agile Coach can do. During this first module, you will learn how to work with change management in and around a team, as well as how to start performing individual coaching.


  • Day 1: Outline + The role of Agile Coach

  • Day 2: Leadership, transformation and change

  • Day 3: Coaching + coaching modules + start of individual coaching

After the module:

  • We have established groups that will work with individual coaching, as we move towards module 2

  • All participants have received a mentor that will work with personal development throughout the course

    Module 2

    Modul 1. Sæt retning for dit produkt.
    DAY 4 & 5

    Professional Coaching

    Building on our knowledge from module 1, you will learn even more coaching models and techniques. In addition, this is where we start working on team coaching in an agile context.


    • Day 1: Coaching principles and techniques

    • Day 2: Coaching Agile Teams

    After the module:

    • We will have established groups that work with team coaching

    • Participants work on an individual written assignment (part 1) that is based on their understanding of the framework.

    Module 3

    Modul 1. Sæt retning for dit produkt.
    DAY 6 & 7

    Professional Facilitation

    In this module, we create a solid foundation for facilitation in a professional context. You will learn the most common models and techniques and build on the coaching techniques from modules 1 and 2. Finally, we set professional business facilitation in an agile context.


    • Day 1: Facilitation models, principles, and techniques

    • Day 2: Facilitating in an agile context

    After the module:

    • Groups will be working on a practical facilitation assignment towards module 4

    • Completion of the Professional Scrum Master II certification (

    Module 4

    Modul 1. Sæt retning for dit produkt.
    DAY 8 & 9

    Professional Training

    In this module, you gain theoretical insight into how we, as humans, learn most effectively and when to use different teaching techniques. We will test teaching models and techniques in practice.


    • Day 1: Training models, principles, and techniques

    • Day 2: Teaching in an agile context

    After the module:

    • Participants continue work on the individual written assignment (part 2) that is based on their understanding of the framework

    • Groups have been established that prepare the practical certification assignment towards module 5

    Module 5

    Modul 1. Sæt retning for dit produkt.
    DAY 10

    Professional Agile Coach Certification

    Certification day, one last practical task must be passed to become a certified Professional Agile Coach. And then finally, we celebrate with all the participants in the PAC class.

    The following criteria must be met to become a certified Professional Agile Coach

    • You have actively participated in all the modules of the program and supported your own and others' learning processes

    • You have submitted a qualified individual answer to the written certification assignment part 1 + 2 (Module 2 and Module 4)

    • You have participated in the required number of coaching sessions (Module 1)

    • You have actively used the mentoring program during the course (Module 1)

    • You have passed the practical facilitation assignment (Module 4)

    • You pass the final practical certification assignment (Module 5)

    Additionally, it is expected that you will need to spend approximately 30-40 hours on assignments between modules.

    Time and Place

    Class 16 – In progress

    Module 1

    6-8th of December

    Module 2

    7-8th of February

    Module 3

    5-6th of March

    Module 4

    15-16th of April

    Module 5

    15th of May

    The Union
    Lautrupsgade 13-15
    2100 København Ø

    Mads Troels Hansen

    Mads is a certified Professional Scrum Trainer with and is one of the most experienced people in Denmark implementing and working with Scrum, Kanban and Agile practices. Mads has more than 20 years of experience working with Agile from many Danish and international companies and as Head of Development/CTO he has implemented Scrum in many different companies with departments in Denmark, Eastern Europe and Asia.

    Mads' teachings are based on techniques and principles from "Training from the Back of the Room" to maximize learning for the participants.

    Claus Vagner Pedersen

    Claus is passionate about helping people improve and evolve. Since 2007 Claus has been working with teams, departments, and corporations to focus on clients and value creation within agile. Claus is and has been a part of driving some of the largest agile transformations in Denmark.

    His passion is to generate results and create continuous improvement for his course participants through teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

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