Product Disovery Online

Learn Product Discovery and create more successful products

Product Discovery Online offers a comprehensive introduction to the mindset and toolbox you need to create more and better digital products.

In this online Product Discovery course, you will receive a strategic foundation and a valuable selection of practical experiences that you can directly apply in your work. The online course consists of 53 comprehensive video lessons that you can watch at your own pace - exactly when it suits you.

Learn Product Discovery

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Learning Product Discovery the easy way

Start your Product Discovery course right away

Learn everything you need to know about Product Discovery with 53 comprehensive video lessons

Apply your new know-how and create more successful products

Why you'll love Product Discovery

With Product Discovery, you ensure that you build the right thing and avoid wasting time and resources.

Product Discovery is your product development superpower and among the most sought-after skills in the future job market.

Product Discovery provides you with a strategic foundation to work with customer-centric product development.

With Product Discovery in your toolbox, it becomes easier to act quickly and effectively on changes and new ideas.

Course content

Product Discovery Online consists of 53 in-depth video lessons divided into 8 modules. The course is in English and teaches you everything you need to know about Product Discovery. Naturally, you have unlimited access, so you can access the course material whenever and wherever you want.

Free access to new course videos, so you are always updated on the developments within Product Discovery.

The freedom to learn when it suits you – at your own pace.

A complete Product Discovery course with unlimited access + bonus material.

Learn Product Discovery

4.995 DKK

3.996 DKK ex. VAT.

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Sneak peek!

Watch the video where Martin presents what Product Discovery is. In the course, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to hypothesis-driven development and experiments, and you will learn everything you need to know about prototyping, ideation, and evidence.

Meet Martin, your instructor for the Product Discovery course.

Martin Ibsen is an award-winning designer, author, and product coach at Syndicate. He is an experienced speaker and instructor with 12 years of experience using Product Discovery to create business value and successful products.

Martin specializes in design thinking, product discovery, digital design, and UX, and he has assisted clients such as LEGO, LINAK, Inwido, and more.

Certifications: Master’s Degree in Design Thinking og Innovative Designprocesser, Designing Though Thinking out Loud from The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID)

5 strong arguments for your boss

Create more value and momentum for everyone with Product Discovery.

The online course is much cheaper than a physical course.

Your company and your colleagues cannot do without you.

The course is divided into modules that fit into a busy schedule.

Engaged employees with new skills create results.

All video and written course material is in English

Revisit and rewatch at any time with unlimited access

Learn Product Discovery online

4.995 DKK

3.996 DKK ex. VAT.

Including 53 comprehensive video lessons, unlimited access and envious looks from your colleagues when you shine in the next meeting.

Terms and conditions are accepted upon purchase

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