About Syndicate

Who is Syndicate?

We're an ambitious consultancy and educational company that delivers know-how, processes, and commitment to help you create better products and gain happier, more skilled colleagues.

At Syndicate, we help you do better. We help you and your organization deliver better products to your customers in a complex and chaotic world. And most importantly - we help and train you, so you can do it yourselves when we have left.

That is why our vision is:

“We want to make the product-driven organization capable of continually delivering value to its customers”

'Agile' is our foundation, but we don’t care whether you call it agile, new ways of working, or something else entirely. First and foremost, we are practitioners and pragmatists that would rather see an awesome product hit the market on time than get lost in endless theoretical discussions about whether something is agile or not.

What do we do?

On Syndicate’s product shelf, you can reach for the following:


Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, experts in transformation leadership, developers – call them whatever you’d like – that can aid you and your company with agile transformations and product development – and maybe even challenge you in the way you’re currently working.

Courses and education

Courses that can give you newfound nourishment and tools for companies, organizations, or you, as an individual, to further your career.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions, where our team helps you with your next digital product from idea to a finished product. We have extensive skills and experience within UX, design, and development/coding and can help you bring your products to life by supplying a flexible, yet efficient, process.

What can you expect from us?

We Succeed Together

When you invite Syndicate into your company, we are more colleagues than consultants for as long as we work together.

We Don't Just Say It, We Do It

Fine words in a PowerPoint presentation are not enough. We take action!

We believe that people are more important than method and process

People create products that create value. Methods and processes are just means

We Don’t Talk Bullshit

When we challenge you—and we will—we do it in language that's easy to understand.

We're a Bit Geeky

Even though we don't speak bullshit, we can dive deep. This means you have access to a wide-ranging team of experts.

We are colorful

Even though we often wear black t-shirts.

Who are our customers?

Whoops! We accidentally wrote 'customers', but we actually meant partners. In Syndicate, we believe in close, informal collaboration with copious amounts of creativity and excitement – that’s how you kick a** with your product.

That is why we have had partnerships that have lasted many years, and we have enjoyed collaborating with partners in many different fields, for instance, The LEGO Group, NOVO NORDISK, Jyske Bank, BESTSELLER, and TV2 – and here you can see a bit larger selection:

Do you want to talk?

We are ready whenever you are

Contact us if you want to talk about how we can help you move forward. We’ve got coffee and tea brewing – and big ears that are really good at listening.

Send us an email at:

Or give us a call:
+45 70 20 04 23