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Understand what it means to be a leader in an agile organisation with 20 comprehensive video lessons, which you can watch at your own pace, whenever it suits you.

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Understand what it means to be a leader in an agile organisation

Agile leadership is not just a title that you can put on your resume – it is a way of living, and of believing how the world works. Agile leadership is different from traditional leadership, because it is less about micromanaging and directing, and more about facilitating the perfect environment for the creation of great products.

Putting together great cross-functional teams, motivating them with the right vision and goals, and building the ideal eco-system that makes them perform to the utmost of their ability.

The course gives you a great introduction to agile leadership and highlights three main topics

What is agile leadership, and why it matters

How you build, motivate and facilitate great teams

Understanding organizational change and how to enable it

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Here's what you get in the course package

Agile Leader Online consists of 20 in-depth video lessons divided into 6 modules. The course is in English with both English and Danish subtitles.

1. Introduction to Agile Leadership

2 lessons

1.1 Definition and Significance of Agile Leadership


1.2 Differences Between Traditional Leadership and Agile Leadership


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2. Mindset, Principles and Leadership Style

4 lessons

2.1 Agile Mindset


2.2 Core Agile Leadership Principles


2.3 Different Leadership Styles


2.4 Failure as a Learning Opportunity


3. Leadership Behavior - The Four Stances

6 lessons

3.1 Core Leadership


3.2 Levels of Intervention


3.3 Coaching: The Coaching Stance in Agile Leadership


3.4 Facilitating: Guiding Teams through Processes and Decision-Making


3.5 Embracing the Mentoring Stance in Agile Leadership


3.6 Teaching/Public Speaking: Effectively Communicating and Educating


4. Building Agile Teams That Perform

3 lessons

4.1 Recognizing and Addressing Team Dysfunctions


4.2 Motivating and Aligning Teams with Organizational Goals


4.3 Encouraging Cross-Functionality and Collaboration


5. Organizational Change

4 lessons

5.1 Understanding Organizational Change


5.2 Strategies for Driving Agile Transformation


5.3 Role of Leadership in Change Management


5.4 Measuring and Evaluating the Success of Agile Transformations


6. Bonus material

1 lesson

6.1 Recommended books and materials


Access to the teaching platform from all devices - including a dedicated iOS app.

The freedom to learn when it suits you – at your own pace

Unlimited access to Agile Leader Online.

Free access to future extensions with new course videos, so you're always up to date.

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4.995 DKK

3.996 DKK ex. VAT.

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Meet Claus, your course instructor

Claus is passionate about developing people. Building on the agile approach, Claus has been working with teams, departments, and companies for the past 14 years to create a focus on customers and value creation.

Claus has been and continues to be involved in driving several major agile transformations in Denmark. He is driven to achieve results and to create a movement towards continuous improvement for his students through teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

Certifications: Agile Team Coach, Agile Team Facilitator, Agile Leadership, PSM I+II, Graphic Facilitator, Coaching Agile Transitions, Coaching Agile Enterprises.

Benefits for you and your company

Agile leadership create value and momentum for everyone involved.

An online course is much cheaper than a physical course.

Your company and colleagues will love your new input.

The course is divided into modules that fit into a busy schedule.

Engaged employees with new skills create results.

All video and written course material is in English

Revisit and rewatch at any time with unlimited access

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4.995 DKK

3.996 kr. ex. VAT.

Terms and conditions are accepted upon purchase

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