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Learn all the basics, and more, with this course about agile. Agile Online helps you change how you work by understanding the agile mindset enabling you to solve complex problems.

If you're new to agile or want to stay up-to-date, this course's 33 thorough video lessons will help you get a firm grip on agile values, theories and practices.

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What is agile really?

"Agile" is one of the most misunderstood concepts of the time. Many people talk about "agile", but few know what it really means.

Often agile is completely misunderstood. We just think of agile as a series of practices - but it’s much more. Agile is about thinking and doing work in a new way and not getting stuck in outdated processes and ways of organizing ourselves that do not fit today’s complex reality.

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The course covers the following

Know why the whole business world is gravitating towards agile

Get a thorough introduction to what agile really is and why it is relevant

Understand why agile is not enough and what it will require from you to be successful with agile

Course package

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The freedom to learn when it suits you – at your own pace.

A complete online agile course with lifetime access to 33 video lessons

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2.495 DKK

1.996 DKK. ex. VAT.


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Sneak peek!

Watch one of the course lessons, where Katrine introduces the primary reasons that agile is becoming such a widespread way of working.

Meet your instructor, Katrine.

Foto af Katrine Hald Kjeldsen

Katrine is an agile/lean coach and spends every day helping businesses in their agile journey. She started her career in 2002 as an external lecturer in Media Sciences and thence took an incidental and fortunate step into the world of software development.

At Syndicate, she has worked in a myriad of interconnecting roles with a foundation of knowledge sharing, communication, facilitation, teaching, and, last but not least, agile. Furthermore, she is a self-certified specialist in atypical minds and neurodiversity.

: Cert. Network Manager, Cert. Systemic Coach.

Benefits for you and your company

Providing a better structure for teams creates value and progress for all

Online courses are more cost effective

Your company and colleagues will love your new input

Lessons are divided into modules that easily fit into a busy workday

Motivated colleagues with new skillsets create results

All video and written course material is in English

Revisit and rewatch at any time with lifetime access

Find help and bounce ideas off others in our live Q&As

Get started with agile

2.495 DKK

1.996 DKK. ex. VAT.

Including 33 thorough video lessons, lifetime access, live Q&A sessions, and admiring looks from your colleagues when you shine at the next meeting.

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