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After learning all the tools, tips, and tricks necessary to facilitate any meeting or workshop you will become a world-class facilitator. With over 60 engaging video lessons, you will master how to engage groups and teams, involving all participants.

With good facilitation, you achieve a common direction and a greater outcome from all your meetings and workshops

Learn what facilitation is and what your role as a facilitator is (and isn't).

Get the tools you need to design a successful meeting or workshop including the process before, during, and after.

Gain an understanding of different group dynamics and the ability to bring out the best in a group every time.

Who is this course for?

Facilitation is a core skill that companies and organizations are desperately in need of today. It doesn't matter whether your title is a manager, Scrum Master, project leader, development consultant, HR staff, instructor, or something entirely different – this course is simply for those who want to work professionally with the facilitation of meetings, workshops, and processes. You can be an experienced facilitator looking to learn some new tricks or completely new to the role.

Are you wasting your own, your colleagues', and the organization's time on unproductive meetings and workshops?

You're probably familiar with it. Long sessions with endless presentations and colleagues with heavy eyelids or their noses buried in their mobile phones. Just think about how much time is wasted in meeting rooms and conference centers every single day.

Learn facilitation - simply and effectively

Start your online course and gain insights into facilitation right away - or whenever it suits you.

Watch over 60 video lessons (+ bonus material) and learn theory and practical tools that you can use as a facilitator.

Utilize all your new knowledge immediately to establish a common direction, happier colleagues, and greater benefits from meetings and workshops in your workplace.

Få møder og workshops til at gå som smurt med god facilitering

Gratis webinar
mandag d. 20 juni kl. 10-11

På webinaret får du konkrete tips og tricks til, hvordan du som facilitator kan være med til at skabe retning og få mere ud af processer, hvor flere mennesker deltager.

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Meet Camilla, your instructor on the facilitator course

Camilla is a passionate and experienced facilitator. With her theoretical foundation as a Certified Business Facilitator (IAF), she adds a special focus on involving participants and employees in problem-solving through workshops and meetings. She creates value through visual tools and always inspires with new methods and techniques to engage and motivate organizations. Camilla has conducted numerous courses in facilitation and graphic facilitation, always with a focus on putting participants' everyday work at the center.

Certifications and education: Certified Business Facilitator (IAF), Scrum Master (PSM), Product Owner (PSPO), Master of Arts in Experience Economy.

Here's what you get in the course package

Unlimited access to the complete online course with 60+ video lessons and bonus materials

E-book with accompanying exercise sheets

Videos with tips and ideas after completing the course

Live Q&As 3-4 times a year where you can ask questions

Accessible from all devices - including a dedicated iOS app

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Syndicate, we thrive on happy and satisfied customers. That's why you can confidently buy an online course from us. If you're not happy with it, you'll get all your money back. Just drop us a message within 14 days after purchasing the online course, and we'll refund your money.

Facilitator Online is an incredibly well-executed course that has taught me a lot about facilitation, which I can directly apply in my daily work. Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic course.

Lena Thomsen Lind

Agile Coach at ATP

Enhance your professional profile by mastering the craft of facilitation.

Companies and organizations are in high demand for competent facilitation. Therefore, the role of a facilitator is highly sought after both domestically and internationally. Being a good facilitator is not a talent you are born with; it is a craft that you can learn. By becoming skilled in facilitation, you become the one who creates the framework for meetings and workshops to run smoothly, with everyone contributing constructively. So, do yourself and your workplace a favor by enhancing your skills as a facilitator.

5 strong arguments for your boss:

A facilitator creates value and momentum for everyone involved.

The online course is much cheaper than a physical course.

Your company and colleagues should not be without you.

The course is divided into modules that fit into a busy schedule.

Engaged employees with new skills create results.

All video and written course material is in English

Revisit and rewatch at any time with unlimited access

Find help and bounce ideas off others in our live Q&As

Become a Facilitator

4.995 DKK

3.996 DKK. ex. VAT.

Includes over 60 comprehensive video lessons + bonus material, an e-book with accompanying inspiration and practical exercises, and course certification as a facilitator.

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