Product Leadership in Practice

A 7-day course that provides all the competencies you need to master within product management.

Product Leadership in Practice

It’s not just Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook that develop products centered around customers and value creation – you, and your company, can too!  

That is why we have created this course – for those of you who are ready to take the reins and get into the driver’s seat, when the time comes to develop valuable products.

With the course Product Leadership in Practice, we raise the standard for what present and future, product leaders can do. Which tools you should have in your toolbox to create products that actually create value for customers, users, and the company.

Throughout the entire course, we alternate between teaching the product development competences you need to create the absolute most value creating product for the customers, and the leadership competences you need to unite teams and the organization around the product, through engaging and effective communication, coaching, facilitating and mentoring.

As a participant in the course, you can expect to be challenged throughout – both mentally and practically. You will undergo a professional, as well as personal, development that will effectively contribute to becoming a Product Leader that makes a difference.  

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Your industry is constantly moving, and we must create products for where the market will be tomorrow, not where it was yesterday.

Marty Cagan

About the course

The course is made for Product Leaders who already have experience with leading the development of products. You have the foundation sorted out, and now you want to take it a step further and take your Product Leadership skills to the next level. Whether you have a role as a Product Owner, Product Manager, Product Lead, UX Designer, Business Developer, Chief Product Officer, or something else, is not important. What is important, is that you want to challenge your own habits, learn something new, unlearn something old, and along with the other participants, raise the standard for the way in which products are developed and led.

After the course:

You have insight into a product’s life cycle all the way from idea to finished product with a successful launch.

You know how the product-led organization works and functions, and how you steer an organization into a product-led direction.

You know how you work with product strategy and product vision, and how you can communicate them effectively.

You have a clear understanding of the way product strategy and product vision relate to the company’s overall vision and business strategy.

You will be able to work with a portfolio of products in a structured manner.

You understand the product team and how you contribute to creating the best possible environment for success.

You know how you evaluate which business ideas or product ideas should be pursued, and which ones should be dismissed.

You have comprehensive insight into Product Discovery practices, and the mindset that is needed.

You know how you can work with hypotheses and experiments to learn from, and thereby reduce the risk of product ideas.

You are part of a professional network, that is passionate about creating valuable and commercially viable products.


Module 1

Modul 1. Sæt retning for dit produkt.
DAY 1 & 2

Set the direction for your product

In the first module, you will learn everything about setting the best possible direction for your product, based on the right positioning, as well as a clear and well-defined product vision. It is about leadership of the product, how you reach a wider audience and create a bigger impact. Among other things, you learn about the various elements in the product vision and product strategy, and how you communicate them effectively to customers, stakeholders, and product developers.

‍You will also work with how you create a value-based strategy for the product. You learn how to put up outcome-driven goals in order to guarantee value in the product – so you avoid falling into the classic waterfall-traps. Furthermore, we will dive into what the difference is between leading products that are already established in the market, and products that are still just an idea. Hint: They are not necessarily handled the same way!

Individual assignment based on your own product with group sparring

Module 2

Modul 2. Værdiskabende produkter gennem Product Discovery.
DAY 3 & 4

Value-creating products through Product Discovery

How do you know that the product will actually solve a real problem or need? Through work with the product’s value proposition, we open the Product Discovery toolbox. We will work with understanding the customer’s needs and challenges and find the best ways of solving it through the qualities of the product.

You learn how experiments can help you validate the assumptions and hypotheses that surround the product, and how you can facilitate that process around Product Discovery – and how that helps set the scene for world-class product teams.

Individual assignment based on your own product and group assignment

Module 3

Modul 3. Product Leader og organisationen.
DAY 5 & 6

The Product Leader and the organization

Most of us are not in an organization that has the optimal prerequisites to create products that put the customer’s needs at the center. So, what does the product-led organization look like? And what can you do to steer your organization in the direction that gives you the best possible conditions to put the product first? And how do you get the product out to the customers quickly, in high quality and in the right order?


Module 4


The Product Leader certification

We have reached the certification day, where a final, practical assignment has to be passed to become a certified Product Leader. At the end of the day, it will be celebrated with the rest of the participants in the course.


Price includes:

  • The four modules (7 days)

  • Complete course compendium

  • Certificate

  • Possible 1:1 coaching with an instructor

Price per participant DKK 44.900 ex. VAT.


Of course, you shouldn't just take our word for it. Below, you can watch a case video featuring DFDS and their experience and benefits of the course.

Er uddannelsen et match med din profil?

Der er ikke noget værre end et par bukser eller en uddannelse, der slet ikke passer! Bliv ringet op af Camilla Linnemann, Head of Relations i Syndicate, og find ud af om PLiP og dig er et godt fit.

"It has been a fantastic course, where the tools learned were ready to be applied after each workshop. Tools that have already inspired and caused changes."

Henrik Bjerknæs Bredsdorff
Senior Agile Coach
Capacit A/S

"One of the best courses I have participated in. Highly recommended. It is interesting to see how much of the theory we can already apply into practice in our everyday lives."

Mikkel Hempel
Partner & CPO
Capacit A/S

"Thank you for a wonderful course."

Randi Gravgaard Gravgaard
Senior Product Owner
Jyske Bank

“Try it, it's incredibly exciting and educational. It has been a eye-opening to learn with people from several different companies.  Clear recommendation from me.”

Pia Kjellerup
Product Owner

“Gaining insights into every aspect of the broad skill set of a product manager and honing in on the complete product experience has truly been a valuable opportunity!”

Fie Lund Lægaard
IT Projektleder

“Would I recommend the course to others? I can already answer yes to that! My current boss is attending the course, so I've certainly succeeded in that regard. So yes, I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Christian Friis Maarupgaard
Product Owner
Alm. Brand Group

“I would certainly recommend the course to others. I would like to add, that you don't need 10 years of Product Owner experience before attending. It's very practical, focuses on what we apply tomorrow, and it can help many right from the beginning."

Malene Nissen
Product Owner

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Kresten Banke is a passionate product developer with over 10 years of experience in digital product development, product management, and UX.

With a background as the head of DBA's C2C product and UX team, Kresten has extensive experience in the field of product development and creating successful digital solutions. He is data-driven, combining quantitative insights from numbers and data with qualitative insights from user meetings.

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Martin Ibsen is an award-winning designer, author, and product coach. He aids teams and organizations in innovating, designing, and developing digital products.

Martin is an experienced speaker and teacher with 12 years of experience in creating successful digital products for both larger and smaller companies as well as startups. He specializes in product discovery, Agile development, design thinking, UX design, and has helped clients such as LEGO, LINAK, Norlys, among others.

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Peter Lindberg is a product developer with over 15 years of experience in digital product development. Over the years, he has helped many of the country's larger companies evolve within product management, product discovery, and product delivery.

He works from the idea stage to success in the market, always based on hypothesis-driven product development and customer needs. Peter works as a teacher and coach for Syndicate's clients on a daily basis.