10. oktober 2023 - kl. 13.00-14.00

Become a World-Class Product Owner

Companies are increasingly in need of skilled Product Owners 🚀  
Are you one of them❓

If not, you can be. Sign up for this webinar with experienced Product Owner and instructor Peter Lindberg, who believes that the role of Product Owner is the most important, challenging, and misunderstood in organizations that operate with agile.  

This role is essential for value creation, business, and especially for the customers. Considering taking the next step in your product development career and becoming a world-class Product Owner? Or are you just curious about the possibilities?

Then this webinar is for you. In the webinar, you'll gain insights into:  

✅ Why the Product Owner path can boost your career  
✅ The fundamental skills, tools, and techniques you need to master
✅ What the truly skilled Product Owners do to succeed

At the end of the webinar, you'll have the chance to ask any burning questions you have about the Product Owner role within the popular Scrum framework.  

We also have a special offer for you, so hurry up and sign up 😉 ⬇️

Please note, the target audience for this webinar is new Product Owners or those considering becoming one.


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Peter Lindberg

Peter Lindberg er produktudvikler med årelang erfaring inden for digital produktudvikling. Peter har gennem årene hjulpet mange af landets større virksomheder med at udvikle sig inden for product management, product discovery og product delivery.

Han hjælper fra ide til succes i markedet, altid med udgangspunkt i hypotesedrevet-produktudvikling og kundens behov. Til daglig arbejder Peter som underviser og coach hos Syndicates kunder.